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Jacks or Better 50 Play Power Poker

Jacks or Better 50 Plau Power Play is a brand new casino games. Similar to other video poker games from online casinos, this game also has many of the newest features of Auto Hold function, and this particular casino games gives you the ability to play 50 hands at once!

There are more choices for the wagering in this casino games, it is also brought to you by the great microgaming software. This software gives us the best casino games to play, with the exciting graphics and sound effects.

In Jacks or Better 50 play power poker you can play anywhere from 1 to 5 coins per hand. The top jackpot in this casino games is up to 4,000 coins. And you can play up to 250 coins per game because of the 50 hands that you get to play with!

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