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Golden Goose Winning Wizards Online Slots Games

The popular Golden Goose bonus games have been released on the favourite slots game winning wizards, and Totem Treasure Slots. Just like the other Winning Wizards Slot Games, there are 5 reels, 20 paylines and it is a 10 coin slot games. You can win up to 120,000.00 and bet up to 5 coins a line. The fantasay theme is based on the original winning wizards slot game, and there are also wild and scatter symbols.

For those that aren’t familiar with the golden goose bonus rounds, they are as follows: (they are the same in the Totem Treasure Slots games).
• 1 Random Credits You can win up to 200 coins in this game, which is then multiplied by the line bet at the time this bonus round started. In this bonus round the golden goose will give away random coins (that are then mutliplied by the coin bet)
• 2 Pick X of Y Win up to 500 coins in this bonus round, which also is then multiplied by the line bet at the time the bonus round starts. In this game you choose a golden egg that is on the reels, possibly winning some more coins.
• 3 Money or the Egg You have two choices in this bonus round. Depending on wether you want the possibility of free spins or the coins, you will choose the egg (for the spins) or the money (for the coins). The coins are multiplied by the starting line bet, and the free spins are 50 free spins up to 3 times the free spin multiplier.
• 4 Pick a Card when you select a card off of the screen, you will reveal the number of free spins, and the multiplier that you will win. You can win up to 11 free spins, with a multiplier of up to 6 times.

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