– Slot Game Machines –

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Ever wonder how slot machines work. How those symols are spun onto the reels? Well slot machines have a Random Number Generater (RNG). The RNG randomly selecte numbers, and these numbers correspond to different symbols. So when a number is generated it, the machine takes that number and a symbol is srawn. Random Number Generaters are always generating random numbers. Even when the slot machine isn’t being played the RNG is constantly working. This means that even when no one is playing the slot machine, the winning combination can be picked. No one would ever know that the winning combination was just picked.

This may sound discouraging, but the RNG doesn’t keep a memory of the numbers that it generated. This means that when you win a jackpot, it doesn’t mean that you won’t win the jackpot twice in a row on the same slot machine within seconds of each other. Also don’t take that too seriously, because the chances of this happening are VERY RARE, I don’t beleive that it has even happened before.

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– Straight Slot Games –

The most popular form of slot machine games, and the most profitable would be that of Straight Slot machine games. Straight Slot Games are the most popular for newer slots players because they are the easiest to interpret when you win, feature the same jackpot from game to game, and lots of smaller winning combinations. you may not think that having more small winnings would be good, but they can keep you playing longer without loosing more money. (see chart below, and you will understand).

– Tight Slot Games and Loose Slot Games –

Loose slot machine games have more small winning combinations. So the loose slot machine games have the greatest payout percentage. To spot the loose slot machine games out, look at the pay schedule. You will notice a winning combination of 3 symbols (for example cherry symbols) this winning combination will usually pay a couple of coins. Usually winning you back your bet (or maybe a little more).

In a tight slot machine game, this winning combination will not exist. So these are the slot machine games that you want to stay away from. (If you like to keep your money!)

– Playing Slot Games – Hourly Cost –

Nickel $30 $60 $90    
Quarter $150 $300 $450    
Dollar $600 $1200 $1800  

As the table shows, at the end of playing your slot games. If you were to play the Quarter slot machine you will have $150 left over to keep playing, compared to the $1 slot machine. So playing progressive jackpot slot machines, while they are fun and offer more features. They are the least profitable, because if you are playing them you have to be wagering the full amount of coins in order to be able to win the progressive jackpot.

– Slot Games Strategy –

Money Management while play slot games is probably the most important. So make sure that you have had a look at the table above. One common mistake is staying at the same slot machine for too long. After 3-5 spins without a win, and it is time to move onto the next slot machine. Be a Hit & Run Winner! After you spin that win, give the machine about 3 more spins to produce you more winnings. If that slot machine doesn’t prove to be a winner within those 3 more spins, move onto the next slot machine!

Some Simple rules to follow while playing your luck at the slot machines:
• 1 – Keep your eye out for the Non-Progressive, Two Coin Slot machine. These slot machines have similar winning ratios to your bet, as the 3 coin slot machines. The main difference is you will spend more money playing the 3 coin slot machine.
• 2 – When you are playing the Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine be sure to bet the maximum. The main reason for playing the progressive jackpot slot machines is to WIN that progressive jackpot. How horrible would it be to get the winning combination for the progressive on a spin you only bet the minimum?! • 3 – Try 3 More Spins after winning any jackpot.
• 4 – Single Payout Line Slot Machines play these slot machines when you are ablt to because your money will last longer, and you will get more playing time out of them for the same amount of money.
• 5 – Be Educated on the slot machine that you choose to play, know the paytable, and look for the loosest slots that the casino has to offer.
• 6 – As with any gambling game you should always try to have a set dollar amount that you are willing to bet. Playing online makes this easier. Depending on how much money you want to play, just deposit that amount to the online casino. And don’t keep adding money to your account during the same playing session.

– Where to play online Slot Games –

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